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Why Use Us?

A Constec Realty Buyer Agent will sell you the Property YOU want at the best terms, not push the Property the Seller’s Agent represents at the price the Seller wants.

Your time is valuable. We can schedule showings so you can view more properties in less time. We can also point out new properties as they come onto the market or those that change their price. It doesn’t matter if it takes a week or six months to find the right house or condo for you. We are there to help you from the initial search to the closing of your property.

We know the houses, condos and lots in the area as well or better than the Seller’s agent. That puts you in equal footing when higher prices are mentioned. A Seller’s agent might claim other houses to be comparable properties while omitting its superior attributes. I’ll eliminate “asymmetric information” (using business jargon) as you will know the market as well as the other party.

Our fee is absorbed by the Seller as full commission is pre-negotiated (in a written contract) between the brokerage representing the Seller and the Seller. Over 90% of sales involve a split of fees between a Buyer’s agent and the Seller’s agent. Going alone does not save you; to the contrary it could cost you in less beneficial terms in your purchase (not only in purchase price but repairs, assumed closing costs and more).

We help you negotiate the best deal by providing you with all relevant information such as comparable properties, Seller’s motivation, Seller’s purchase history, debt held against the property and more. Many times once negotiated we renegotiate before you end up purchasing property.

We will assist and recommend to you, other professionals that are intricately involved in the process of a real estate purchase. You will most likely need a surveyor, a lender or mortgage broker, appraiser, real estate attorney, lien search firm, inspection firm, and most likely either a handyman or general contractor for some repair work. We help you choose the best from all the good professionals that are out there!

The purchase of a home is among the largest investments you will undertake. Whether you are moving here from out of state or 30 miles away, property values change from neighborhood to neighborhood. You should have someone knowledgeable in your corner to guide you. If you have a $1M legal problem you get the best attorney you can find, a health problem the best doctor. Same should go for your real estate purchase and, the good part is, it does not come with an additional cost.

So call us now or email us and let us help you find your home.

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